"Amaya" was adopted by Sandra.  She fell in love with her sweet loving personality. Many thought Amaya not beautiful, but she saw different.   She wanted a snuggly, loving, hold me,  be with you everywhere sweetheart.  She will adore her new mom and dad.

"Libbi"the puppy mill auction Mom, was a adopted by a great family in Windsor.  She has a new dachshund mix friend named "Pal", and a brand new life to look forward to. What a great 2012 Holiday Season!

"Rio"was adopted by Dr. Mimi Elliot DVM, and her family.  
How awesome, he has his own vet for a mom!!  Yah Rio-Man.
Rio would also like to thank Alley Cat Allies for their help and support to make my new dream home possible!!

"Flash" - This amazing boy just got a new home in Lakewood with Gregory, Nicole and "Radar". Way to go Flash!

"Twinkie" found a great home with Daryl and his family in Loveland.
This manx is a happy boy. Alright Twinkie!!!!

Slim is a happy, very loving boy that came from a high kill shelter in New Mexico.   He just wanted to be loved.  He now has a brother and sister that he can play with.

Scrappy, now Wiley,  was adopted by a great family and he has a brother that looks just like him!

Hurley was adopted by Regina and her family,  Hurley was another New Mexico dog that had been through a lot and is still just the happiest guy!   A great ending where a young girl finally finds her dog after a long search!

Kuro after a year and a half finally found his forever home.  A wonder couple went in search for a cat as a companion for their other cat that was grieving the loss of his friend.    Kuro was afraid of dogs, adult, black and male and they knew he was a gem. Thank you so much for giving Kuro a wonderful, loving home.   

Adoption Stories

Riada and Polka Dot
The bonded sisters from the 2013 Northern Colorado flood

They were lucky and found a forever home together.   They love their new little girl friend.   Thanks mom and dad for making us all happy and giving us such a great new family. 
They would also like to thank Alley Cat Allies for their help and support that made this happy ending so great!!

Frankie and Vyra,  found a great home together with Karen and Rick.   Thank you for keeping us together and understanding our bond!!  

Alfie (now CHEVIE) was adopted by Shelly and Gary.   Chevie came from a high kill shelter in New Mexico, rescued by Rocky Mountain puppy rescue and transferred to Pure Hearts.  They were looking for another yorkie.   He is a very sweet mix boy.    Chevie
found a great home!   Thanks mom and dad for another chance at a great life.  What a great way to start the new year!!  


Adoption Updates:

Jimmy is a New Mexico dog that was surrendered to a High kill shelter in New Mexico.   He found his home through our foster adopt program.  He found a great new mom and has a dachshund and Chihuahua sister.

Josie is a Chihuahua that also came from New Mexico.   She found a home with her brother.   They are truly special dogs and new family members.

Evan and his family was looking for a new friend for their dog and Evan wanted a dog of his own.  Hatch found a great family!

Saffywas adopted by Ester,her husband and 2 wonderful boys.  Saffy had 6 kitties that were adopted and she was left unwanted.   They decided a new family member would be great.    They fell in love with her kitty personality and her awesome ability to retrieve and bring a toy back to you!!  What a lucky girl. 

"Windy" was adopted by the Hageman family with their 2 kids and 2 dogs.
What an amazing family she has.  "Windy" hit the jack pot! We are so happy for her.

Eva and Maewere adopted by Patti and Dan.  They now have new subjects to paint.  They were a bonded pair and adore each other.    They are grateful to be adopted together to such a great family!

"Neko, the Geiko",

Caryn and Roger are the lucky couple to adopt "Neko".  She has two other dogs and horses for family members now. She is so lucky!

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